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It takes a lot of people to make a book successful. Here is my list of amazing professionals that have helped me along the way. 

Editor: Jennie Proctor from Midnight Owl Editors. She is fantastic and her prices are extremely reasonable. She offers everything from developmental edits to plotting consultations, to line and copy edits. I really enjoyed working with her and her developmental edit was insanely helpful to me. Her email is

Proofreader/Copy Edit: I have now used Elise Griffin for both proofreading and copy editing. She is exceptionally kind and so pleasant to work with. Email her for prices at

Cover Designer: I was able to do a photoshoot and design my own cover for "A Well-Trained Lady" with help from my awesome friend and fellow author, Ashtyn Newbold. I also did my own cover for "The Nabob's Daughter." My book "Abigail" was designed by the talented Ruth Nickle, who, like all those on this list, was so great to work with. Her email is: I love all of my covers! 

Promotion: I used Tasha Bradford (@the_clean_read_book_club) to help launch "The Nabob's Daughter." She is absolutely fabulous and definitely knows her stuff! She also has several packages to choose from so email her for all the details at Be sure to tell her I sent you! ;) 


Kathy Habel, at Clean and Wholesome Romance, made the launching of my debut novel a breeze. Every penny I spent on the "All Inclusive Marketing Package" was worth it. She did a cover reveal, giveaways, helped me develop a newsletter list, and had a collection of ARC readers who were willing to read my book and review it. A successful launch is vital to a book's success. For more information contact Kathy at

Formatting: I used Vellum (a program for Mac) to format "A Well-Trained Lady", but for "Abigail" I used a professional formatter. Though I love having the control of formatting (and the ability to go change things when I need to in my manuscript), the program is no small investment. Therefore, I'm glad I had Cora Johnson for formatting my first book. She was so great to work with. And, unlike Vellum, she is able to personalize the formatting. Here is her email address if you are interested in reaching out to her:

Audiobook: I used ACX (Amazon's audiobook creation site), and I was lucky enough to have found two amazing narrators. Wendy Wolfson read "Abigail" and Janna Fox read "A Well-Trained Lady" and "The Nabob's Daughter." Both of them were so fun to work with and are extremely talented. If you want their contact information, please feel free to email. 

Programs I use:

For Formatting: Vellum. This is an investment--especially if you don't have a Mac because you either have to buy one or use Mac In Cloud which is a monthly subscription you will need each time you need to access Vellum. But if you plan on writing multiple books, it might be worth it. 

For Writing: I use the classic--Word. I also own scrivener, which so many of my author friends love, but for whatever reason my brain prefers what I know. Perhaps one day I'll return to Scrivener, but for now I rely on Microsoft Word (I have it on my Mac).

Newsletter: For my newsletter I use MailerLite. I started on MailChimp but it was a little more costly (though your first 2,000 subscribers were free when I started). MailerLite seems comparable in every way, and I haven't run into any issues. 

Website: I use Wix for my website and I love it since it is so easy to use. I bought my domain name on bluehost, as I was first attempting a WordPress site, but with how hard it was to update, I figured paying a little more for ease was a good trade-off. I do recommend having a good website to direct readers. And make sure to have a place they can sign up for your newsletter! 

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