Hey. I'm Jess.


In kindergarten, I won a first prize ribbon for my original creation Pigs in Wigs. The premise was there was this pig that wore a wig–it was a pretty solid storyline, not to mention it rhymed. Not impressed? Neither were my kids when I showed them the very literary work that inspired me to become a writer. “You won first prize for that?” Yes. Yes, I did.


Thankfully, life has since exposed me to a thorough education and its share of awards and accolades--and, more importantly, to the trials and human experiences that I believe form a heart of a storyteller and the substance of great stories. 


Besides writing, I'm an avid reader, shameless people observer, international cafe loiterer, and partially retired photographer. I love being a mother to five amazing humans and a wife to the greatest man I know. Thank you for stopping by and, if our paths have crossed, thank you for your inspiration!

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When can we expect another book? As soon as I can manage to get another one written. I'm about halfway through several books and will be sure to let my readers know when I near the finish line (so sign up for my newsletter or follow me on Amazon--or both). 


What part of writing do you like most? Least? I love telling stories. Stories come into my mind and once they are there all I want to do is sit down at my computer and attempt to capture them. Least is definitely editing what I've written. This is probably because I'm a perfectionist and no matter how many times I read a manuscript I can find a thousand ways to still improve it.


What do most of your readers not know about you?  I'm an atrocious speller and constantly invent new words that I legitimately think are real until my husband informs me they aren't. But to spin it in a positive light--I'm a word inventor. 

What advice do you have for someone hoping to write a book? It is amazing how many people I have met who have a dream of writing a book. My only advice is--write. There will never be a perfect time for anything. In all the years I yearned to write my first book the stars never aligned for me, my guess is they won’t for you either. Just start writing and keep going. You can absolutely do it!

Is Regency Romance your favorite genre to write? Is it your favorite to read? I do like the genre, but it is by no means my favorite. The first book I started writing (over twelve years ago) is a historical fiction set in ancient Rome. I’m yet to finish it as well as several other books that span genres from science fiction to fantasy, though most of them are historical and have an element of romance. As for reading, I love all types of books. I'm an easily-pleased reader and adore most books I finish (though I don't finish all books I start). I genre hop constantly, but I must admit my favorite reads almost always include some sort of happily ever after. 

Was it difficult to write a book? Writing for me is a pleasure, an escape from the tasks of my everyday schedule and demands. It has been the publishing process that I have found extremely difficult: editing, being vulnerable as others read your manuscript, the endless to-do lists, and all the expenses.


When did you find the time to write with five young kids?  My wonderful husband would often put the kids to bed and I would write from seven in the evening until whenever I felt finished that night (usually somewhere between eleven and one). It took just under a month to finish the first draft of Abigail, but it took well over a year to get it ready for publication. However, my second book, A Well-Trained Lady, came much slower, though it was readied for publishing much quicker. So I guess we'll have to see how the next book goes and when I can find the time to write in the ensuing chaos of life. ;)