Interested in being on my ARC team? 

Here's what I'm looking for in an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) team member: 

  • Someone who loves to receive books before they are released (sent in .mobi or epub format). 

  • Someone willing to send me an email with mistakes they find as they read. Though the book will be edited, it is surprising how many things are missed in the process. Each mistake caught before being published makes the book that much cleaner. And might I just add, I LOVE when my ARC readers send me feedback of errors they found along the way--no offense taken, I promise. 

  • Someone willing to leave a review. Reviews are critical to an author's success and an author's ARC team is their best way to get these vastly important reviews out to other potential readers. (Beneficial places for an ARC reader to be: Amazon, Goodreads, Bookbub, or wherever books are bought and reviewed!)

If this sounds like you or something you'd enjoy being a part of, please send me an email from the CONTACT PAGE  and let me know why you'd like to be considered a member of my ARC team. I'd love to have you!

Disclaimer: As the author, I have the right to remove any member of my ARC team.